Gaskets & Sealing

With over five decades of experience in the gaskets and sealing industry, we know how important product quality and reliability of service are within the busy process and manufacturing industries.

It is for that reason that our specialist knowledge at R&G Fluid Power Group is sought out by leading businesses in demanding sectors such as the pharmaceutical industry, petrochemicals and chemical manufacturing, power generation and the food, beverage and dairy industries.

As the largest Allied Distributor of market leading Flexitallic products in the UK, our specialist companies  can fulfil all of your sealing requirements, utilising leading technologies such CNC knife and water jet cutting methods.

Our ISO 9001:2015 approval, means our customers are assured of the highest standards of quality and reliability at all times.

Gaskets & Sealing
Why customers choose R&G for Gaskets and Sealing

1 Strong relationships with leading suppliers

Our Allied Distribution partnership with Flexitallic ensures we are able to provide quality, industry-leading products across all sectors, bringing complete peace of mind to our customers.

2 24-hour Gasket Cutting service

We cut and supply soft-cut gaskets in any material and offer press cutting of standard gaskets and also water cutting for more demanding requirements. We typically offer a 24-hour turn-round time on cut gaskets.

3 Flange Insulation Kits

The R&G Fluid Power Group is the largest UK manufacturer of flange insulation kits, used to provide electrical and cathodic insulation in pipeline systems. We carry large stocks for rapid response to your needs.

4 State-of-the-art CNC knife and water jet cutting

We utilise the very latest in CNC knife cutting and water jet cutting technologies to ensure high accuracy and complete repeatability of your gasket profiles.

R&G Gaskets & Sealing Companies
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